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Updating UniFi Network Controller Firmware

Christmas is in July this year!

UFOs Spotted: Three new Ubiquiti WiFi 6 Lite APs!

In order to set these up and adopt them to my Dream Machine Pro, I first needed to update the UniFi Network Controller firmware to the latest beta version. The process is as follows:

1) Navigate to the software releases page here, and filter by beta.

2) Find your product, and click on the link. For Network Controller version 5.14.18, click here.

3) Find the appropriate download for your controller type (Windows, Mac, Linux/Cloud Key/Dream Machine), then right click and copy the link URL. The URL should follow this format:

4) With the link copied, ssh into your controller. This can be done through the PuTTy application on Windows, or from any Linux/Unix terminal.

Note: If running UniFi OS, ensure that you have SSH enabled under Local Portal -> Settings -> Advanced

5) Once successfully SSH’d into your controller, run the following commands to initiate the upgrade, ensuring to replace the URL in the string below with the URL you copied in step 3.

unifi-os shell
rm unifi_sysvinit_all.deb &> /dev/null; curl -o "/tmp/unifi_sysvinit_all.deb" && dpkg -i /tmp/unifi_sysvinit_all.deb && rm /tmp/unifi_sysvinit_all.deb

6) Once the firmware has been installed you should be returned to the UniFi-OS shell prompt.

Install Complete!

7) From here, you can adopt your new beta gear to your UniFi controller via the Web UI or Unifi Networks App!

Happy Beta Testing!

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